We can stop any sake brewing by three different methods.

  • The first one, which is the most expensive and the less usual, is to pass the sake through a very thick osmotic filter which will held any particle, even the smallest ones such us the yeast.
  • The second one, known as pasteurization and which is the most common one, is to heat the sake up to 65ºC for about ten minutes and then all the yeast will become death and have lost its availability for brewing.
  • Finally, there is a third method which consist in adding a very measured quantity of pure ethylic alcohol (it would be better if this alcohol come from the distillation of a previous sake). This quantity will give to the sake a proof for about 22% in volume and then the yeast will stop and the brewing will not go far ahead. This will produce a sake full of residual sugar as well as primary aroma and taste. Afterwards, we shall add new pure water till getting the desired proof, but as then the fermentation process could be re-started, we should pasteurize the sake for inhibiting the brewing process. We also could stop this last sake by cooling it under 0ºC, but then it would be necessary to keep the cold chain during all its life which is difficult, expensive and not recommendable.

This last method, alcohol adding and pasteurization, is what produce the sake named honjozo, if the milling grade of the rice is the right one so if not we should get a futsuushu.

The TAIKO is the single honjozo brewed by SEDA LIQUIDA. They do not issue this sake every year and for this reason is very rare and it is sold by the order only.


The TAIKOis a full bodied sake but at the same time, elegant, silky and well balanced. Its low acidity, due to its short fermentation, will offer you a wide taste of primary sugars. In the nose you will note white flowers and pitted fruits and in your mouth you will feel that these fruits become dried ones around peaches and apricots and also a light taste of sweet melon and mango.


We recommend to serve it cold at about 10ºC and then it pairs very well with rich rice casseroles, cold meat, cured cheese and deep battered fries. At about 40ºC is perfect for being served with grilled fish or meat, stews and backed beans.