The sake KRISTALL is the second creation of SEDA LÍQUIDA, brewery founded in 2015 in a little village named Tuixent, located in the Pyrenees Mountains at 1.265 m high. The brewery SEDA LIQUIDA is situated at the bottom part of a mountain named Cadi, facing its South face where they take an extraordinary spring water which flows from the Font del Coll. This water is very soft and it come from the thawing of the snow accumulated on the summit of the mountains during the autumn and winter months.

This sake is made with the famous Japanese rice know as yamada nishikiraised in Japan and imported in Barcelona. This rice has been passed ten times into the milling machine till getting a polishing rate of the 50%, showing a white, hard and compact kernel, which composition is almost pure natural starch.

The fermentation has been made during the cool months of February and March in order to get a very fragrant sake, full of aroma and delicate taste which are coming from this wonderful rice and also having a lightly low alcohol percentage.

After a careful filtration throughout several strainers of different micron rate, we got a highly transparent sake, full of shine and with a nice golden tone.


Its aroma will send you to floral (magnolia) and sweet fruit (pineapple) notes. In your mouth you shall find notes of green apple, litchi as well as some salty notes of oysters and barnacles.


Although we advise to drink it at 8ºC, we think that it also could be a good idea to have it lightly heated, warming up it till the 50ºC (atsukan temperature) using a proper device, bain-marie or even a microwave oven.

The sake KRISTALL can be an amazing appetizer or even the ideal partner of many meals. We also want to inform its high ability by being a top quality ingredient for a lot of cocktails.