About us

SEDA LÍQUIDA is a small winery or sake maker founded in 2015 in the village Tuixent, located in Alt Urgell region, in the Catalan Pyrenees.

From the beginning, and moved by his great esteem for Japanese culture in general and for gastronomy and sake in particular, its creator, the gastronome and inventor of new kitchen utensils, Antonio Campins, has tried to be faithful to traditional Japanese production methods, respecting their rules, raw materials and the spirit learned after different stays in Japan, working in prestigious wineries in Japan and learning with great master processors or toji.

Currently, with the help of his wife Isabel Martínez, who from the beginning has taken the project as his own, Antonio Campins makes five different types of sake that are in award-winning restaurants and are exported to countries on five continents. In addition, it makes a very special vermouth, based on the mixture of vermouth spices with herbs from the Vall de les Trementinaires and sake.

Although the winery is faithful to the most ancestral Japanese orthodoxy, SEDA LÍQUIDA has developed over the years its own methods and equipment for making koji, filtering, pasteurizing or cooling the moromi.

The name SEDA LÍQUIDA comes from the title of a book written in 2008 by Antonio Campins, entitled Sake, la Seda Líquida.