The GRAND CRU is a sake lightly filtered and without any alcohol addition and for this reason we say that it is a nigori junmai. It is a complex, dry and full bodied sake and it has started to be accepted by many Japanese and international connoisseurs.

In Japan, the local breweries are small ones which are producing craft nihon-shu very closed to the area, village or prefecture where they are placed. When they start their production, they often hang under the entrance awning a green Japanese cedar leaf ball known as sugidama. As soon this ball wither, just when the colour turns to brown, the local consumers hurry up to taste the new sake before it starts to be fully filtered, pasteurized and what is worst: watered down. This first sake is natural, extremely savoury and full of aromas and taste palettes. It still keeps all the rice solids in suspension and many experts consider it the most genuine sake you can taste.

This kind of sake is difficult that arrives to Europe, so it gets very often second fermentations in the bottle and even become spoiled and for this reason the brewery SEDA LÍQUIDA has wanted to offer this sake to the sake lovers and gourmets allowing them to taste for a few months one of the most tasty beverages in the World.


This sake is creamy, full bodied and elegant. In nose you will find dried fruits such as peach or apricot and some white flowers and in your mouth it is tasty about sweet banana and cantaloupe melon. The aftertaste will remember yogourt and cottage cheese.


The GRAND CRU sake has to be gently shake served chilled at about 9ºC. Although it is not usual, this nigori also can be served warm at 40ºC (nurukan temperature). Due to its rice solids in suspension it is better to serve it in ochoko or ginomi but not in glasses so they could become whiten. It pairs very well with umami and creamy food, also it perfectly combines with ibérico products, creamy eggs, fatty food, smoked fishes, caviar and many cheeses except the blue ones