The sake NUVOL is amuroka nama genshufull of kind aroma, savoury and with a long distance tour in your mouth, ideal for taking it alone or as a component of a vast number of cocktails and combinations.

NUVOL is the result obtained after separating by decantation and with high care the upper part of the sake which is floating over the thick lees which are on the bottom of the storage tank where we have left the sake across the summer months.

This making is what is known as ori-bikiin Japan. The final result is a sake lightly cloudy (sometimes) but with a great personality and which give us all the flavours of its ingredients and the sensitive technique used for getting it. No active carbon is used in its elaboration and also it has not been pasteurized in the bottle and it has not been watered down.


NUVOL is a rich, savory and expressive sake but at the same time, it is well balanced and harmonious. Its acidity is not very high and we easily note bits of the yeast which we use for brewing it. In nose we find dry fruits, leather and old wood and in your mouth you will feel a pleasant taste of nuts and wild herbs as well as a little bit of tobacco.


This sake is ideal for pairing with thick soups and grilled pieces of meat, chicken or fish. Also is the best partner to stews and casseroles even those which are made with wild hunting meet. Chilled at about 9ºC it has to be served in elegant glasses similar to the sherry ones but if it is served warm, at 40ºC (nurukan temperature) then we suggest to serve it in thick terracotta bowls like those ones named ginomi by the Japanese people.